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clearly, our gut feelings will be easily identifiable, our higher knowing will integrate with our thoughts, and our ability to hear and communicate with other realms will increase exponentially. Channeling messages from non-earthly beings – from angels to galactic travelers – will be as easy as tuning in to our favorite radio stations and singing along with the latest hits. For many skilled intuitives, this is already the case. Across the world wide web you will find a plethora of offerings from light beings, star systems, parallel universes, and even the future. At this time of expanding consciousness, many people are directly experiencing the art and gifts of channeling. Although it is an indication of heightened awareness, it is important to evaluate and assimilate that which is truly valuable. Everyone is a Channel: Evaluation is Important Whether or not we have developed our intuitive senses, each of us has them. As with any skill – including walking or riding a bike – it merely takes practice to become proficient. Imagine if we lived in a culture in which using our metaphysical senses was expected and honored? “What’s your gut telling you,” mom would ask, and then she would validate your response. As spiritual-human beings, each of us is an extension of God consciousness. Therefore, whatever we say or do is also from the same consciousness! This does not condone behaviors that are misaligned or void of love, but rather reminds us of our inherent divinity. If we understand that the core of who we are cannot be separated from that divine impulse we begin to realize that every action, thought or word is an extension of source, in spite of our humanness. As every expression of God is fully empowered to believe, act and say whatever desired because of free will, the challenge thus lies in aligning with Love. Evaluate the Messages for Love Connecting with realms that