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self-criticism can bog the spiritual seeker down in Earthy mud and muck! No matter how hard those chakra wheels spin, there is little traction to get unstuck. A belief rises to the surface: If I were only spiritual enough, everything in my life would fall into place. Is this conviction keeping your contentment hostage? Are you constantly trying to “change negative thinking” or “process fears” or perfect your spiritual practices? Are you really sure you are doing everything RIGHT? Like any good, spiritual enthusiast, you likely did as instructed… and perhaps you feel better… or not. The question is, Do you believe there is an ever-evading perfect life waiting for you to ascend to it? Rather than process your beliefs about this one, or give you some affirmations to repeat for the next 21 days, here are some essential truths for your heart to behold: Perhaps you should learn to meditate in that Earthly mud… or better yet, just play in it! • You are inherently worthy. Nothing you do, say, believe or reject will change this fact. In human form, you may experience hardships or make misaligned choices, but your worthiness never waivers. Yes, dear seeker, this moment – as you recognize just how inadequate you are and how many more miles there are to walk on your spiritual journey – is the perfect time to take a long, deep, loving breath and exhale gratitude with a heart-felt “OM.” Put that soft Buddha smile back on your face before you read on. • You do not create your reality alone. As a collective consciousness, we have agreed to come to the planet together and have co-created the parameters in which to experience life. Your perceptions, actions and feelings are your own, but you are part of a greater collective June 2015 B Editi on