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highly evolved souls, we agreed to perceive separation from Oneness consciousness and engage in linear time and space in order to give us a human experience. These fundamental pieces are the foundation on which our three-dimensional reality has been created. As we evolve spiritually, our perceptions expand to include other concepts and dimensions, and we begin to see beyond the basic framework. Thought Projections When spiritual teachers talk about changing our thoughts to change our reality, they are pointing out this primary aspect of our original agreement. In actuality, it is more than just our thoughts that create our reality; our emotions, pre-birth agreements and soul intentions are vital elements. For the sake of simplicity, we will combine these other facets with our thought projections. In a movie theater, the projector displays the movie onto a screen. Light and sound have been digitally captured to create the show, and it usually has been modified with such exquisite technology that we enjoy the realness of it. The intention of most movies is believability. As a soul, if we sincerely wanted a human experience, wouldn’t it be frustrating to have the life- movie be so poorly done that it wasn’t even believable? What a waste of time, right?! Thus, with linear time, ample space and other humans with whom we can interact and experience intense emotions, the realness of our lives becomes believably real. Thinking of our lives as a series of thought projections can provoke feelings of anger, especially in times of pain or crisis when we feel like victims. Of course, this intensifies the reality aspect. Yet, we can allow ourselves to accept those moments of pain and suffering. We can also remain open to learning the basics of thought projections, which can offer us a April 2015 B Editi on