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As well, seek wonder. By opening yourself to the marvels that are ever-present, you release the walls that keep you confined to your smallness. Finding the awe in the things around you may seem to emphasize your smallness or minimize you to no-thing, but this is an essential shift in awareness. As you expand your perceptions to take in the wonder that exists in all things, you realize the vastness and wonder that is within you – the wonder that is you! Star-gaze, sincerely hug a tree, notice your plants dancing softly with the wind, listen deeply to the sounds of birds in your yard, watch a squirrel capture an acorn, spend ten minutes snuggling with your dog. Though you can discover the wonder in anything, connecting with the forces of the natural world is not only pure and easy, it helps align you with your own natural state, which is inherently mystical. Spiritual Apprehension of Truths Intellectually speaking, we can get fixated on what truth really is, and formulate thoughts that lock us in to particular beliefs. Yet truth, like light, can be perceived, experienced, and even manipulated, but can never be grasped in the literal sense. Our mind finds comfort in understanding and containment, helping us feel sure, solid, safe. Mystics are willing to experience the discomfort of uncertainty as they seek truth. The innocence of a child allows each experience or teaching to be taken in as some kind of truth. Through development, understanding and intellect begin to form the information received into perceptions. Discernment allows for rejection of information, whether based on truth or one’s perceptions. Yet, as fallible human beings, our perceptions can become distorted. Therefore, the thoughts we believe may not be completely true. This is okay, unless they limit us, of course. If you are experiencing limitation in your life, your move toward freedom begins with a shift in your perceptions. Most notably, the majority of your untrue perceptions are about yourself! You may even believe you are not a mystic! Whether or not you have consciously taken an oath to obtain unity with the absolute and if you believe in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect, by definition, you are a mystic! Your Definition of Mysticism As you contemplate and surrender your smaller self to your Divine self, you discover the truth of who you actually are. In aligning with this truth, regardless of the intellectual knee-jerk reaction to find evidence against it, you connect with an essential power that helps sustain you in times of doubt or fear. Like any discipline, realizing your mysticism takes a conscious commitment. The path you choose does not matter; only that you place one foot in front of the other. The more you walk, the stronger you become. With access to your mystical power, you become conscious of your perceptions, accept the authority in your choices, and ultimately realize you can define – or not define – what it means to be a mystic. Are you ready to journey to your mystical self? About the Author Veronica Lee is a Spiritual Mentor and Mystic. She has shared her insights and wisdom with thousands around the globe, directing people to align with their essence, harness their gifts, and cultivate empowered, joyful lives. She offers practical tools to support your spiritual evolution. Visit her website to access a free eBook and meditative audio at www. January 2015 C Editi on