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The Mission Most of us want to feel as if we have some kind of purpose. Part of this desire has to do with our insecurities of our own worthiness, but in essence, we desire a purpose because we sense there really was a soul intention behind our incarnation. Some people incarnate to experience life, welling from a fundamental “I want to try THAT” impulse. Others come to clear karmic debts, so to speak; their purpose may be to create balance from previous incarnations. Then there are the willing students (or maybe not so willing) who’ve decided to learn or advance in a particular lesson or even get their master’s degree. The intention of the masters - those who have gained a “higher” degree of spiritual consciousness - was to incarnate to fulfill a specific spiritual mission. Almost everyone has incarnated with a combination of intentions - experiential, karmic, educational, and spiritual. For example, the experiential traveler will encounter several lessons along his path, while the spiritual master may have some final karmic debts to complete as she embarks on her mission. If we look at the core of a soul’s intention with a more linear perspective, we can discern the “stage” of consciousness of the soul based on its fundamental life intention. Of course, when we recognize everything as vibration, we can release judgment, know there really are no “levels”, and can observe all things with neutrality. Yet, by seeing the soul’s evolution through a hierarchal lens, we gain understanding about our soul’s original intention as well as our life path. This helps us make peace with our path, its perceived obstacles, and can be the impetus we need to forge ahead with open hearts! With the birth of the New Age our planet welcomed an unprecedented influx of spiritual masters. Likely, you are one of them and you are here on a spiritual mission. The Master The majority of spiritual masters begin with fairly ordinary lives. As children, they may have felt “different” or simply “knew”, “saw” or “felt” things that they didn’t understand. Though we all have access to our intuitive senses, spiritual masters usually incarnate with well- evolved skills, as well as a clear sense of Divine Source, however they interpret it. As part of their life experiences, most people have learned to suppress, hide and overlook their intuitive gifts, soul mastery and, therefore, their mission. With the collective spiritual awakening, many masters have spent numerous years trying to understand who they are and why they are here. Many have made significant progress in their quest, though most continue to hide behind layers of old tapes, fears and confusion as they press through the bustle of their daily lives. Even those who have discovered that they are indeed masters have resisted fully aligning with their mission. Why is this? Basically, recognizing one’s masterhood can be quite difficult. Most people have spent a good portion of their lives October 2014 B Editi on