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What if you knew that there was nothing wrong with you? Did you know that it is normal to have a problem? Yes! When you have a conversation with people, what do you usually talk about? Do you enjoy talking about the things that are great in your life, the possibilities not yet discovered or do you rather complain about the things that do not work and all the pains you go through and how your body is not pretty enough and how troublesome your relationships are. Why is it this way? Because you want to be normal. We live in a world where it is normal to have a problem. Everybody is supposed to have an issue. What have you decided is your issue? What have you decided you need to work at, analyze and go through before you can have the freedom and the happiness you desire? What if there was a different possibility? What if the lightness and ease that you desire is waiting for you to be discovered as soon as you allow yourself to celebrate everything who you truly are? Imagine not validating your friend’s complaints anymore. Imagine being the only one on your block who is happy and who is not buying the point of view that you have problems? Are you willing to be that different? Being normal has great value in our world. Being different has bad reputation, too much of it qualifies you for all kinds of different labels. Yet it is the people who are willing to celebrate their difference who are a major contribution to our world being the playground it truly can be! During my years in psychiatry I would meet countless of people with all kinds of diagnosis. They would tell me everything that is wrong with them because the doctor had said that they have certain disabilities. Talking with these people with the point of view that there was something wrong with them never made sense to me. I would hear them tell me everything they went through and yet choosing to move forward no matter what. Disabled? No! Highly able! What I found was that behind every wrongess hides a strongess waiting to be discovered. Every label of wrongness is a capacity that has not been acknowledged. What is right about you that you have not acknowledged? Psychological pain is only a resistance against being everything you truly are! What if you stopped resisting you and giving you permission to be you? What a kindness this would be to our world! About the Author Susanna Mittermaier is a clinical psychologist, worldwide speaker, radio show host, Access Consciousness facilitator and the founder of Pragmatic Psychology, creating a new paradigm for psychology, therapy and change. Susanna inspires people around the world to discover the capacities that are hiding behind insanity and mental illness. She is the author of the revolutionary book, Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy. For more information visit pragmaticpsychology. February 2014 A Editi on