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for, but feel guilty about not doing? Yes, go ahead and pencil those in, too. Once your busy life is charted in front of you, meditate journal and gently observe your underpinning. What baby steps can I take to let go of my busyness? What can I downsize, delegate or – better yet – delete? Practice cultivating simplicity and listening to your inner guidance Examine your have-to’s, should’s, it- would-be-nice’s, and extras on your plate What would be joyfully simple in this moment? What do my heart and soul want me to do? Where do I feel obligated? What are my “supposed to’s”? What makes me do what I do? Getting adjusted to a slower, more simplified lifestyle isn’t quite so easy. Our needs, beliefs, loyalties and fears can be so powerful that breaking free can cause inner anguish as well as judgment from others, especially if your change in commitment affects them. Discern the beliefs behind your loyalty What do I believe about myself or this situation that keeps me bound to doing it? How would I feel if I chose not to do this? What are my concerns if I don’t do this? Feel into your emotional motives for staying busy. What does it feel like when I have nothing to do? What feelings come up for me when I am not being productive? Remember your worthiness. Would I be any less worthy as a parent, employee or partner if I didn’t do…? What really defines my worthiness as a person? Embrace your discomforts and uncertainties as they arise What if….? Well, why not? Consider your priorities and values. What are my fundamental values? Am I spending a significant amount of my time in alignment with them? What would my life look like if I lived according to my priorities rather than external obligations? Make alterations to your commitments. In a culture that highly values movers and shakers, it can be hard to feel worthy and connected if we choose to walk a quieter path. However, running breathless in a panic isn’t serving our souls. For many of us, our higher selves are urging us to slow down, reassess, and move in a direction that truly resonates with who we are rather than who we think we’re supposed to be. As challenging as it may be to listen deeply and make shifts away from an overly busy lifestyle, living in grace and alignment offers us far greater rewards than trying to win our impractical race against time. Veronica Lee is an Intuitive, Mentor, Speaker and Writer who has shared her insights and wisdom with thousands around the globe. A transformational visionary, Veronica offers new ways of being in the world. From sharing cosmic truths and innovative ideas, to demonstrating practical tools to support evolving spiritual-human beings, her intention is live as an authentic example of an integrated mystical life. Connect with Veronica through her website at www. January 2014 B Editi on